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American Road Transportation, Inc. deploys an efficient, reliable and detail oriented transportation operation with a “Safety First” sensibility. We transport liquid chemical and food grade products in bulk throughout the United States.

Our 45+ years of transportation experience allows us to provide personal care to Customers to meet or exceed shipping expectations. American Road Transportation is a Hazardous Material certified, Houston based carrier with 48 state authority. We offer services such as in-transit heat, the loading and unloading of material by compressed air or mechanical pump, X-Ring and insulated single and multi-compartment tanks, and lined tanks for acids.

Our Commitment

"Communication is the key component of American Road Transportation’s ability to build long term relationships with Customers. We listen to Customer’s transportation needs and goals, create shipping solutions through close collaboration, and follow through to provide reliable results that, again, meet or exceed the Customer’s expectations.

Our Customers trust in American Road Transportation to deliver exceptional transportation service has enabled our fleet of trucks and stainless steel tank trailers to grow exponentially over 5 years.

American Road Transportation is an innovative, growth oriented transportation partner, and operates in an integrity based, forthright fashion that our customers can rely on in all of our transactions."

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Robert Nicholson

Our Team

Owner / President

Robert Nicholson
(682) 241-4987 Main
(866) 766-9816 Fax

Terminal Manager

Elizabeth Montion
(832) 340-3414 Main
(281) 406-8723 Fax

Director of Logistics

Patrick Walsh
(832) 226-6181 Main
(281) 406-8726 Fax

Accounts Payable

Randall Nicholson
(832) 385-1604 Main
(866) 766-9816 Fax